Syderstone – Police & Crime Commissioner Election Results (May 2016)


The second election for a Norfolk Police & Crime Commissioner (PCC) took place on 5 May 2016.  On a turnout of 19.56% (154,651 voting out of an electorate of 790,649) the results for the County of Norfolk were as follows:


Candidate                   Party             First Round                     Second Round


Stephen Bett                 IND            25,527       16.51%     


Lorne Green                 CON          42,928       27.76%               60,061       54.43%          DULY ELECTED


Jacqueline Howe         LIBDEM   12,838         8.30%


Chris Jones                   LAB           37,141       24.01%              50,287       45.57%


David Moreland          UKIP         27,030       17.48%


Martin Schmierer         GREEN      9,187          5.94%


                                      Totals        154,651                                  110,348


In this election voters were invited to record their first and optionally a second choice of candidate.  If no candidate achieved 50% of the first choice vote, then the second choice of all the other candidates except the first two were then applied.  As may be seen from the above figures the Conservative candidate won the first round, but without 50% of the vote, so the second round votes were counted, and Lorne Green was duly elected as Norfolk’s Police & Crime Commissioner.


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