As from May 2016 the archive will be housed in the Amy Robsart Village Hall, Syderstone and will be available to view by appointment.


To look at any of this collection, please contact any of the following people to arrange a mutually convenient time.


Sheila Riches: 01485 578171



Chris Little:  01485  578270




Family Histories – so far


Adcock and Twell

Allen family from Syderstone

Allen family from Docking

Allen family from Sculthorpe

Batterby, Cable and Johnson













  Green - descendants of James Green & Ann Chapman

Green - descendants of Richard Green & Sarah Pratt

Grieves, Jones and Langley



Havers, Waller and Church


Hipkin, Willimont and Woods






Pells and Temple




Simpson and Beckett






World War 1 Project


This project started in 2013 to commemorate the centenary of the start of World War 1 in 1914.

We are compiling biographies on the Soldiers and Sailors from Syderstone who fought in WW1.

 It is an ongoing project and we would love to get more information on the servicemen from Syderstone who fought for their country.


Of particular interest is what happened to the men who fought and survived the war .Where did they go, did they marry and have children/grandchildren, when and where did they die?


Are you a descendant?  Have you got information/photographs on these men which we can add to our project.


The first part of the project details the 12 men who died and are commemorated on the Syderstone War Memorial. The list of men is also recorded on the order of service for the dedication of the Syderstone War Memorial held on Sunday October 2nd 1921 in the churchyard of St Mary’s Church, Syderstone.


Biographies of the 12 Soldiers & Sailors who died during WW1.



Reginald Osborne Allen (MM)

Arthur William Ayres

William Bennett

Oscar Duffield Bowman

Thomas William Collison

Alfred Alec Arnold Cubitt

William Arthur Elsiegood

George S. Greeves

Harry Lawrence Hunter

Alfred Robert Langley

Frederick (Zachariah) Benjamin Langley

Reginald Mussett



World War 1 Project-continued


The second part of the project details the biographies of the

80 + soldiers and sailors who fought and survived  the War.

The following list of men was recorded on the order of service for the dedication of the Syderstone War Memorial held on Sunday October 2nd 1921 in the churchyard of St Mary’s Church, Syderstone.


Herbert Alcock

Edmund James Allen

Herbert Allen

James Thomas Allen

John Allen

Reginald Belmont Allen

Walter Allen

Herbert Ayres

Edward Basey

Horace Basey

William Copeman

Ernest Percy Cornwall

Bertie Dennis Couzens

Edric James Couzens **

died, lived in Rudham – thus not recorded on Syderstone War Memorial


Harold Frederick Couzens

Percy Couzens

Sydney George Couzens

Arthur Frederick Easter

Ebenezer Edge

Ernest Arthur Edge

John George Herbert Edge

Henry William Edge

Hubert Francis Edge

Wynell Edge

Joseph Fountain Edwards

Alfred Ernest Elsiegood

George Elsiegood

Arthur Thomas Farrant

J. Farrar

Arthur James Gathercole

Sydney Henry Gorick



World War 1 Project-continued


Biographies of the 80+ soldiers and Sailors who fought and survived the war continued


Edward Louis Graveling

Edgar Arthur Graveling

George Edward Graveling

Henry George Graveling

Albert Henry Graver

Henry William Graver

Alfred Albert Greeves

William Godfrey Harper

William Nathaniel Harper

Robert Hipkin

Alfred Hooks

Oscar Dudley Howard

Alfred Hurn

Arthur Hurn

Charles Walter Hurn

Elijah Hurn

Ernest Hurn

Louis Hurn

Percy Dennis Hurn

Arthur Valentine Hurn

William Hurn

Walter Hurn

Archibald Drewery Keeley

George William Keeley

Henry Lawrence Kemp

William Valentine Kemp**

** Died, commemorated on Fakenham War Memorial


William Wilfred Laws Lake

Albert Edward Loades

Sydney Lawson Mitchell

Ernest Mussett

Oscar Alfred Mussett

William George Mussett

George William Pearman

Richard Rice



World War 1 Project-continued




Biographies of the 80+ soldiers and Sailors who fought and survived the War - continued



Walter Frederick Sharpe

Cyril George Skipper

Malcolm Skipper

Percy Methuen Skipper

Harry Stanham

Arthur Steward

Bertie Taylor

Percy Taylor

Albert James Vertigan

Basil Edward Vertigan (MM)

Charles William Watts

C. West

George White

Herbert White

Henry White

James White

Reginald Kirby Willimont

Walter Gladstone Willimont









We have several books and magazine articles on World War 1



Syderstone Photographic History


During the last 10 years we have amassed a large number of photographs relating to Syderstone, its families, school, church and village events.

These have been scanned in to a PC thus securing digital images for the future and allowing us to return the original photographs to their owners


We have also had original family photographs donated to the hall for which we are most grateful.


There are people on some photos who still need to be identified, so if you fancy a bit of detective work we would be most please to see you.


If you have any photographs of local or family interest we would love to see them and add them to our collection, especially

the period 1970 – present.



General Syderstone History



Syderstone History and People – Book 1


Newspaper articles, Village School, Public  Houses, St Mary’s Church, Royal British Legion,  Queen Elizabeth II Coronation (1953), Syderstone and Barmer Flower Show,

Electoral Registers 1885-1915


Syderstone History and People – Book 2


History and Maps

Historical Trade Directories

Syderstone Professions and Trades




Extracts from the Syderstone School Logbook

July 1876 – July 1926


This work records everyday life in our local school and many local children are named.



Emigration from Syderstone


During the late 19th and early 20th Century many people from Syderstone emigrated to Australia, New Zealand, USA and Canada.

Find out if your ancestors were amongst them.



History of Syderstone Houses


The history and occupants of several local houses are detailed.


Syderstonians & Old Syderstonians - Memories and Reflections.


Some are just short passages whilst others merit a whole book.


Old Syderstonian Newsletters 2008- present



Royal British Legion Womens Section Syderstone


The album originally belonging to Nellie Allen, and was kindly donated to the Amy Robsart Hall upon her death by her daughter Margaret.

It comprises photographs, certificates and newspaper reports.



Album belonging to Lydia Lucy Margaret Harper 1838-1918


This was found by Janet Yates in her father’s house in Hunstanton after his death. She had no idea why it should be there as he had no connection to Syderstone. She very kindly donated it to the Amy Robsart Hall.

It started in 1857 and comprises writings and poems by Lydia and a number of her relatives and friends. In addition, separately at the back of the album were a number of very frail newspaper articles of local, national and international interest, together with more writings. These have been filed separately to the album.


Amy Robsart


Various articles and books pertaining to her life and her

very controversial death


The Docking Union Workhouse


Miscellaneous notes for Syderstone people 1837-1848


Workhouse Births and Deaths for Syderstone people

1839-1919. Thanks to Pat Gill for this information.


 Magazine articles on old occupations, and family businesses


Some are national, some pertain to Norfolk with many photographs of Norfolk life.


Books on Norfolk Humour – by various authors



Syderstone Parish Council

Archives1894 – 1999



Parish Councillor Declarations                          13/12/1894 – 28/09/1989


Postage & Stationery Record                            08/01/1946 – 14/02/1991


Receipt & Payment (Book 1)                              01/04/1947 – 31/03/1970

Receipt & Payment (Book 2)                              01/04/1970 – 31/03/1981

Receipt & Payment (Book 3)                              01/04/1981 – 31/03/1999


Financial Statements                                         31/03/1960 – 31/03/1984


Precept upon Rating Authority                          04/04/1966 – 01/04/1982


Clerk Letters (Book 1)                                        15/03/1978 – 25/05/1982

Clerk Letters (Book 2)                                        26/05/1982 – 10/10/1984

Clerk Letters (Book 3)                                        26/05/1987 – 20/01/1989

Clerk Letters (Book 4)                                        16/03/1989 – 08/07/1991

Clerk Letters (Book 5)                                        09/07/1991 – 07/05/1993


Parish Council Minutes                                      16/10/1997 – 20/03/2008

(Council retains minutes for seven years but

 they will become available in due course)



Amy Robsart (Syderstone) Village Hall


Album detailing achievements between the years 2005 –present.


Photographic record of roof refurbishment and re-slating project

(Gerry Taylor)


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